Just a quick write up about a case I received today (two days after Christmas 2018) all the way from Hong Kong, the Argon ONE. 

I read about the case on the RaspberryPi Blog a couple of months ago (Link to the Article)

After reading the article I went ahead and backed it as Backer #647 and forgot about it, I like to back crowdfunding ideas, it helps up and coming people build their own companies and know that some might fail, others take longer than expected to be made and arrive, plus from overseas maybe have added import duties, etc.

Anyway what is my first impression? I really like it!

What really got my attention when I first saw the blog post was the back of it and the magnet cover to the 40 pin GPIO so all still fully hackable ;)

From the picture you can see all of the Pi's ports are now located at the back.

How is the magic perform I hear you ask ? Well it's thanks to Argons own daughter board comprising of a triple headphone jack and HDMI connector, as seen in this is image of mine installed together with a 3B+ (ps it's also compatible with the 3B) 

Related software to enable the Power switch and Fan to be customised comes from a simple one line bash script which is clearly explained on page 5 of the mini paper booklet, here for reference.

curl https://download.argon40.com/argon1.sh |bash

The script checks and if missing installed the required modules

raspi-gpio python-rpi.gpio python3-rpi.gpio python-smbus python3-smbus i2c-tools

Then creates some daemons for the power swtich and fan control, then once all the scripts are created grabs a couple of images from argons website for icons on the Rasbian Desktop 

Here are some extra photos I took

Great job Argon40 guys, hopefully you be able to sell them to the general public in 2019, I'm pretty sure it will sell very well.

I read an article about using the RPI as a surveillance camera and about putting one inside a dummy camera, so I had a go at trying it out with the latest Pi Zero (v1.3) ie the one with the CSI connector.

First things first, the Pi zero v1.3 has a smaller CSI camera connection that is used with the Compute module Pi.

If you already have a Raspberry Pi and your looking for a audio/music center project then checkout moOde audio player http://moodeaudio.org/

You've already got a Raspberry Pi 3 then checkout the test version 2.6 TR3 under 'Test Code'.

I'll be writing up my own guide soon with a Raspberry PI 3 and the Official 7" Touch screen.

The credit-card single board computer (SBC) launched in in the UK by a charity the Raspberry Pi Foundation available from April - June 2012 - Raspberry Pi Model B costing only £22 / $35 was available to buy online from various suppliers.

Since then, a revised version was released October 2012 with more on-board (512MB vs. 256MB) memory SDRAM.

The smaller sister version without onboard ethernet the Model A was launched February 2013.  

Then in the summer of 2014 (July) the Raspberry Pi Model B+ came out with extra USB ports (4 in total), followed by the Raspberry Pi Compute Module in April 2014 and then the Raspberry Pi Model A+ in November 2014,

In February 2015 the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B a faster cpu (900Mhz) and bumped up the onboard memory to 1GB of SDRAM still for only £22/$35.

In February 2016 the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B a faster cpu (1.2Ghz) and for the first time included built)in Wifi (802.11n) and Bluetooth 4.1


You can read more on the official blog http://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/