Running on Windows Server 2008 R2 SP2 with Hypervisor enabled, the first step was to create a new virtual machine (VM) from the Hyper-V Manager.

I choose a Windows 7 with 2048MB of Ram allocated, for DVD pointed to downloaded ISO file


Step by step with screenshots below;

Start & connect to the VM


 Next I choose the keyboard that my pc has (in this case Belgian Period)


After clicking “Next”, choose “Install now”


Of course if you’d like to install check the box “I accept the license terms” :)


Since I’m on a blank VM machine, I choose “Custom (advanced)


Next I select the Virtual Blank disk and click “Next”


The setup now copies the files from the ISO DVD to the Virtual HDD


Now the setup starts to uncompress the temporary setup files.


Next the system starts setting up Windows internals


Next the setup would like a reboot, either wait 10 seconds or click “Restart now”


Now after the restart the video driver is loaded and the screen size expands


Next Windows is “Preparing” the GUI

Now the setup does some Registry cleanup


Next it starts a little “Plug’n’Play”


Still doing a little hardware housework


Now that Windows has installed all the hardware it can, a little system clean up before it dazzles.


Need a little bit more time to think :)


Okay the setup is still “Preparing” we are nearly there


Metro setup time


Here your able to name your machine/device you own.


Next you have a choice of either “use express settings” or “Customize”


Guess what I choose “Customize”, so the assuming your network card has been loaded, we start with Network sharing


Next you can decide how Windows will deal with getting updates and set some of Internet Explorers 10 security settings.


Since we are still in the development of the next version of Windows, Microsoft would like some feedback.


Interesting to note, that if you’d like to have a better future version of Windows, it makes sense to send such data Microsoft (my own personal view of course) :-)


Even further settings on feedback


Settings done with time to log on, if you’d like you can use an existing Windows Live ID log on.


Just so you know this does not have to be a Hotmail email address nor a


If you’d rather have an independent log on choose “Don’t’ want to log on with a Windows Live ID?”


Assuming your Windows Live ID was valid you’ll need next to enter your password


Below I’ve modified my email address, I’m not a fan of spam, of course here you need to enter your valid email address & password!


Windows now makes the link between the new install and your Windows Live ID.


A final spruce up of the setup


A little restart of the GUI with all the previous settings 


Enter your password and starting up Redmonds’ latest


Oh nice and polite, thanks “Welcome”


Okay need a little more time for my first appearance.


Some old Windows XP style settings being applied


Some more….


Metro starting, notice the blank “Tiles”, just needs to buffer some web data.


Okay got the web data, Metro ready for use.


Click on the Metro Windows Explorer with the new Ribbon UI


You can’t run the “System rating” in a VM.


Oh and the Windows Store is not live yet...tbc