I've been writing a small script at work and I wanted to show the user the resulting image created on a network share.

But rather than assume that they all have the network share mapped to the same drive letter I thought it would be easier to use UNC (Universal Naming Convention).

This said it VBS scripting has been around since Windows 2000 but is not so friendly when it comes to UNC.

Finally found a post on the internet that helped, basically when using UNC you need to add Chr (34) before and after the UNC.


Set Shell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

Shell.Run """C:\Users\Dave\Desktop\Image with a space in the name.png"""

Shell.Run Chr(34) & "\\SERVER\SHARE\Photos\2015-12-24\151.jpg" & Chr(34)

Shell.Run Chr(34) & "\\SERVER\SHARE\\Photos\5 Dinner\_DSC0417.jpg" & Chr(34)

Hope this little tip helps any other VBS Scriptwriters.


From time to time friends ask me help for their computers.

One such recently asked help for her laptop.  It appeared her ex had set a password in the BIOS, no biggie however he had disabled the built in Wifi!

So I set about call the manufacturers help line; after about 10 minutes going through the phone menus, I had a technician on the line.

He told me to try and enter a wrong password and after a while the system would give and error code.  So I typed at random and pressed enter, during this I asked how many times, no answer, so I guessed he did not know... after the sixth and seventh attempt, still not blocked so I said okay leave it I will try to look myself.

Running on Windows Server 2008 R2 SP2 with Hypervisor enabled, the first step was to create a new virtual machine (VM) from the Hyper-V Manager.

I choose a Windows 7 with 2048MB of Ram allocated, for DVD pointed to downloaded ISO file


Step by step with screenshots below;

Start & connect to the VM


 Next I choose the keyboard that my pc has (in this case Belgian Period)