It was fought against with petitions, but the state owned Flemish TV : VRT has put an end to DVB-T as of the 1st of December 2018.

The original press release from back in August can be found here, basically TV Vlaanderen has bought the rights to show the three state Flemish stations : een, canvas and ketnet and added them to their pay DVB-T2 package Antenne TV at €9.95 per month, bringing ti's offering to 12 Flemish channels and 3 Belgian French commercial stations and 1 adult channel and those around the Brussels region and the borders of the Walloon region can also get the the state owned Belgian French channels, la une, la deux, le trois and euronews (in French)

The studies carried out by VRT where conclusive that not many people watched it's stations via DVB-T the full report can be found here.

This said although not entirely free the 3 stations of VRT are still available via their website and related smart phone/table apps.

The BBC HD channel showed @ 09h00 BST/10H00 CEST the 2nd of July 2011 a repeat of the Mens-Semi Finals in 3D 'side-by-side' mode.


BBC HD in 3D (side-by-side)
BBC HD in 3D (side-by-side)

The channel is available for free via Satellite Astra 2D @ 28.2° East with a DVB-S2 capable receiver and is quite easy to receive in the Benelux and northern French part of Europe with a regular 80cm satellite dish.

Also available in Poland via Hotbird 6 @ 13°East through one of the official Polish pay tv packages, in the Nordics via Thor 5 @ 0.8°West in the Canal Digital Nordic package, also in Turkey via Turksat 2A @ 42°East in the D-Smart package.

(update) BBC HD in the Nordics is not the same programming as the UK domestic version, but Canal Digital will show the Wimbledon Finals in 3D probably on Canal+ Extra HD, also the Polish version is different, and I can find no channel in the TV guide with Wimbledon live :-( The Turkish version is the same as the Nordic version but you can watch the tennis on one of D-Smarts sport station but not in 3D.

Here in Belgium the channel is also available via Belgacom TV but requires either the 'Entertainment' FR/NL option @ €5 per month (also includes 'BBC Entertainment' channel) or 'Select' FR/NL option @ €14.95 per month (Select NL also includes BBC Entertainment)

Finally if you have the chance go and watch in 3D in some Cinemas around the world, check here

Enjoy the Tennis !!