So the rollout of DAB is in active mode in Belgium.

For the Flemish speaking community the switch to only DAB+ has happened, so if your buying a dab radio here the recommendation is to ensure it’s DAB+ compliant.

How do I know if it’s DAB+ radio I hear you ask?

Always check if it has this logo : 

Currently their are 13 commercial radio stations broadcasting and 12 national stations from VRT.

Please check this link see the current ones.

For the French speaking community officially their is 6 national stations of the RTBF broadcasting.

Here again only some of the stations are using DAB+ mode ie “La premier BXL” and 1 exclusive digital radio station “TRAMAC”, 2 other stations are labelled with “Test” before their name namely “Classic 21” and “Musiq3” and are duplicates of the DAB versions.

For the German speaking community both of the national stations of the BRF are broadcasting in DAB in cooperation with the RTBF and can be found on the same multiplex.

From November 2017 to January 2018 also in geographical area of Eupen a second multiplex broadcasting only in DAB+ mode transmits again. It’s national stations and 3 commercial stations.  However at the present time the German speaking community has no extra plans to invest in DAB+ and is watching the progression made by the 2 communities. Read the text published on the German speaking community government website